A History Of Holes

This project spans 2 years with a lockdown in between.
Here it is compiled in a stream-of-consciousness-like series that tries to convey the surreal experience which is to visit this incredible island.

Separated from Italy not just by the Tyrrhenian sea and its language, but by its own strong identity, the Sardinia we saw was not one of fancy yachts, billionaire’s clubs and white sandy beaches.

We explored the south and centre where old villages charm you with history written on every stone, the new ones are mostly concrete buildings and contain unfinished neighbourhoods with exposed bricks and tarp-covered roofs, standing in stark contrast with the north of the island, full of jet setters and celebrities.

Travelling with my partner in between lockdowns made it so that our first and second tours were vastly different.

In 2019, we encountered village fairs with reenactments, locals wearing traditional clothing and visited food markets brimming with life.

In 2021, in many places, we were the only ones walking trails and exploring the countryside with its many abandoned buildings.

A constant presence on the road was the brightest of lights, following us and highlighting every detail like a giant spotlight.

The sea gifted us with incredible sunrises on the east and mindblowing sunsets on the west coast.

One of the strongest memories for me: the smell of Eucalyptus trees.


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“Draw your chair up close to the edge of the precipice and I’ll tell you a story.” ― F. Scott Fitzgerald

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